12. April 2017

Wednesday the 31st of May 2017

Time:                   Wednesday the 31st May 2017 at 9.30 – 12.30

Place:                   Sonnerupgaard Gods, Tølløsevej 53, 4330 Hvalsø

Registration:         Send a mail to with company and name(s)

Deadline:              On the 1st May, with limited seats available.


Kl. 9.30 – Welcome by Managing director Mogens Larsen


Kl. 9.45 – BASF by Peter-Martin Pietak

    Introductions of BASF

    Division “Performance Materials” – Overview of BASF products in medical devices

    Trends, Developments and Capabilities of engineering plastics in medical devices

    Synergy effects and impact of different material combinations


Kl. 10.15 – SAXOCON ApS by Helen Friis-Mikkelsen

    SAXOCON will explain the latest guidelines (ISO 10993-1) as well as the differences in the

    toxicological field between a CE and a FDA approval.

    SAXOCON will in brief explain their approach to a biological safety assessment

    where computer modelling can replace animal experiments.


Kl. 10.45 – Pause


Kl. 11.00 – Erteco by Edwin Groothuis

      Erteco (overview)

      Extreme high stiffness Compounds

      Improved Chemical resistance Grilamid TR

      Erteco Tech Centre


Kl. 11.30 – Controlled Polymers A/S

     Our work with laser marking as a part of serialization on a production level.

     Documentation and our efforts in this field in cooperation with customers and suppliers.

     The diversification in our product program.


Kl. 12.00 – A light lunch


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